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最近,コンピュータビジョンではFine-Grained Recognition(繊細な画像分類)が注目を集めています.

CVPRのFine-Grained Visual Categorizationワークショップ(FGVC)が行われたのは最近(2013年6月)だし,その中でも物体認識をはじめとする分類問題に使われています.

The Second Workshop on Fine-Grained Visual Categorization (FGVC2)


自分の問題にして考えてみると,「PCを使う」や「本を読む」という2つの行動は「手を伸ばし,物体を持って操作している」という状態は同じですが,腕や手先の行動が若干違います.これをどう分けるか?ということがFine-Grained (だと認識しています).

ここで,[Rohrbach, CVPR2012]では料理場面における行動認識が記述されていて,姿勢情報(pose based approach)やアピアランス(holistic approach),またはその組み合わせについて検討しています.結果は65クラスにおいて約4割の認識率を達成した,とされています.
M. Rohrbach et al., "A Database for Fine Grained Activity Detection of Cooking Activities", CVPR2012.

ワークショップのページからAccepted Postersをたどれば,概要が手に入ります.

Accepted Posters

Label-Embedding for Attribute-Based Classification
by Zeynep Akata, Florent Perronnin, Zaid Harchaoui and Cordelia Schmid

Classification with Global, Local and Shared Features
by Hakan Bilen, Vinay Namboodiri and Luc Van Gool [abstract]

Crowdsourced discovery of Fine-Grained Attributes
by Subhransu Maji

A database for fine-grained aircraft recognition
by Subhransu Maji and Andrea Vedaldi

POOF: Part-Based One-vs-One Features for Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
by Thomas Berg and Peter Belhumeur

Learning Analogies from Independent Part Models
by Keunhong Park, Ian Endres and Derek Hoiem

Is Fine Grained Classification Different?
by Thomas Dietterich and Junyuan Lin [abstract]

Hierarchical Classification of Sea-Floor Imagery
by Michael Bewley, Navid Nourani-Vatani, Bertrand Douillard, Oscar Pizarro and Stefan Williams [abstract]

Attribute-Based Detection of Unfamiliar Classes with Humans in the Loop
by Catherine Wah and Serge Belongie

Co-Segmentation for Fine Grained Visual Categorization
by Yuning Chai, Victor Lempitsky and Andrew Zisserman [abstract]

Vantage Feature Frames For Botanical Species Identification
by Asma Rejeb Sfar, Nozha Boujemaa and Donald Geman [abstract]

Collecting a Large-Scale Dataset of Fine-Grained Cars
by Jonathan Krause, Jia Deng, Michael Stark and Li Fei-Fei

Fine-Grained Crowdsourcing for Fine-Grained Recognition
by Jia Deng, Jonathan Krause and Li Fei-Fei [abstract]

Efficient Object Segmentation for Fine-Grained Recognition
by Anelia Angelova and Shenghuo Zhu [abstract]